Monday, September 16, 2013

Leftover veggie stew

So I hate finding leftovers in my fridge that people "said" they were going to eat and then didn't. Such a waste. With john coming home every night soon, I am going to have to start cooking more. So leftover stews are going to be a staple.

I have already posted the gumbo recipe John made this weekend. After sending a sample out, We still had some left which would have been lost in the back of the fridge. So instead I made this veggie style soup.

IT IS NOT VEGETARIAN... but could be

In a large crock pot:

2 cups of leftover gumbo (chicken and sausage) I broke down the meat to very small pieces!
1/2 box of bouillion liquid (500ml)
1/2 box of water (500 ml)
1/2 tub of leftover Helluva good onion dip or sour cream
1 lg stalk celery diced
1 ex lg carrot diced
7 small potatoes diced
1/2 small turnip diced
onion and garlic seasoning
lots of black pepper
shot of soya sauce
shot of worchesteshire sauce

Stir well, and refrigerate till needed. Then cook on high setting of crock pot. This will be served on a bed of fresh green beans and a side dish of homemade bread.

Smells awesome and I thing we are going to add corn next time.

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