Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chicken Mexicana

I found this recipe and altered it to suit what I had in the fridge today. It was amazing.

Take 6 boneless, skinless chicken thighs and cut each into 3.
Mine were still partially frozen when I started.
Place into a large pot with 2 cups of water and 1/4lb of butter and 2 tsp garlic powder.
Cook on low heat for about 20 minutes and then leave until ready to make your actual meal.
We did this step at 1pm and ate at 6:30.

Dice up 3 stalks of celery,
1/2 an onion (I added some fresh chives from the garden)
1 diced small green pepper
and refrigerate for quick meal making later.

When ready to eat, make a large pot of rice, while doing the ffollowing few steps:

Bring the chicken poaching in butter to a boil again, reduce heat to medium and remove chicken.
Add pre-diced veggies to butter sauce.
In one cup heated milk add one package of nacho cheese sauce powder (or 1 cup cream cheese- I didn't have any) stir well and add to butter sauce.
Pour in 2 cups mixed frozen veggies, I would have prefered just corn.
Add some cherry tomatoes.
Keep the heat low as the cheese will burn, and add the chicken back into the mix.
Stir gently and cover while waiting for the rice, the sauce will thicken.

Serve with nacho chips and top with some spicy salsa.

"Bon Appetit!"

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