Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mock Margaritas

These were a hit at the Cinco de Mayo party a few of us had!  So easy, and so tasty!  I think these will definitely be made again this summer.  Even without the tequila these are tasty and refreshing!

1 can Minute Maid limeade, partially frozen or frozen
1 can Minute Made lemonade, partially frozen or frozen
Club soda (I didn't measure, just topped up the jug...2-3 cups if I had to guess.

1/4 cup sugar (I did not add this, as I like things tart)
glasses with rims dipped in lime juice and salt

Place juices in pitcher and blend using an immersion blender (or do this in a regular blender and pour into pitcher).  Add club soda CAREFULLY -- it will fizz and end up all over your friend's kitchen counter otherwise!

I also added some lime slices to float in the drink


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