Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August in the Disney Deb kitchen


This idea came to me when I first seen the advertisement for the Julie/Julia movie. I was not enjoying being in a bookclub as much as I thought I would. When I seen the advertisement for the movie, I realized that for me I would prefer to pour through a cookbook.

Although I love to go grocery shopping, I go into the store and follow the same path, buying almost the exact same groceries EVERY week/month. Therefore we were eating the EXACT same thing every week/month too!!!

I had been laid up, due to surgery, for most of July and August and started watching the Food Network shows...they fascinate me! And, after a short time I decided I wanted to find out what celery root tasted like! What is the difference between rhutabagas and white turnip? And, what the heck WERE they using on the Iron Chef cooking show last night? Not to mention actually trying the boneless fowl stuffed with ground beef, and wrapped in pastry...that is the last recipe Julie tries in the movie!

So, following the premise of the Julie/Julia movie, I decided that my family and I were going to start USING my cookbooks for more than decoration! My family is on board, and each of us choose 4-6 recipes from the cookbook for the next month..as we will be trying 3 new recipes each week....as we are not big fish eaters, most of our recipes will be made with land based animals! LOL

I mentioned this idea to our CNP group and many people are interested. Pam thought of blogging what happens and listing the best of the recipes you try on here. (Thanks for setting this up Pam!) We are all using whatever cookbook amuses us! Hope you want to join us.....

As Julia says...."Bon Appetit!"
Now I am off to find my pearls........

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